Leaders Needed Now!

Could you be the kind of person who thrives in an exciting growing company that needs dynamic people who want to develop into leaders?

Currently Pet Supplies Plus has openings for part-time cashiers and stock team members and managers.  We need people who want to have a great job where they can grow as a person, develop as a leader, and meet the financial needs of their current situation.  Whether you are a high-school or college age person needing extra income or an adult with specific income needs Pet Supplies Plus can be the place for you.  A job at PSP can lead to a career at our company as well.  Whether you are part-time or full-time you will work for a company that invest in you, believes in you, and empowers you to be the best you can be.

Our company is growing rapidly because we give pet owners a one of a kind experience.  How?  Highly trained and passionate people who love what they do and go the extra mile for their customers is the secret.  From the day you arrive we place you in an on-going training and development program.

How does this sound?  Your first 30 days are planned with an organized training system so you feel at home and can do your job with confidence.  Building upon this foundation you will then work through 9 modules of pet care training getting raises in pay for each one completed.  Want more money?  Pass a module and give yourself a raise!

Each month you will meet with your manager and get a custom- made training plan for the next 30 days and an evaluation on how you are doing.  No more guessing what your boss is thinking.  You will know where you stand from the very beginning.

Have a desire to move up?  We assume that you will because we only hire people who are goal-oriented and love working with people. How can we say that?  We assess every employee with a state of the art work styles tool that gives you and us great insights into how to work best with you.  If you fit the profile we will hire you and you will do great.  We guarantee it.  How, because we know you have the make-up to succeed and we know our incredible training system will develop your skills as far as you want to take them.

If you want a career with us you will develop into a great leader.  We will personally mentor you in leadership, taking you through books, doing mini-seminars, and discussing what you are learning informally each month.  It gets better...after a period of time if you are full-time you will go through our one-of-a-kind pet nutritionist certification, developed by Dr. Sarah Abood, DVM / PhD.  In short, you will experience amazing growth personally and even if you choose to move on you will leave with skills you can build on for your next career.

If this sounds good to you then click "Next Step..." to begin the application process.

Most don’t make it all the way through but if you are a leader and you know it then you can be confident we will see the same thing and welcome you to the Pet Supplies Plus team!

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What are other Pet Parents saying?

Leza Great, friendly, and attentive staff. I always feel welcome when I come in. The people really make this place and I like buying here! Angel, who I believe is a manager is GREAT! Always, Always, Always helpful and outgoing. Her staff is also great and the one’s I remember are Ciana, Letty and Byron. Thanks again.
Susan Pet Supplies Plus stands by their food and all other products. When there is a recall, they replace the food, no questions asked. I appreciate this. They also carry the best dog foods that are rated 4 and 5 stars.
Catherine I LOVE this pet store! Everyone is so knowledgable! Their selection is great! And it’s easy to get into!
Suzanne I have been to your store twice, and with both visits I had excellent service, the staff was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. The selection available is awesome. I have gone to using grainfree food and treats for my 2 dogs. Thank you!

Hassle Free Return Policy

If your pet doesn’t thrive on the supplies we recommend, bring them back for a 100% refund.