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What are other Pet Parents saying?

Leza, Great, friendly, and attentive staff. I always feel welcome when I come in. The people really make this place and I like buying here! Angel, who I believe is a manager is GREAT! Always, Always, Always helpful and outgoing. Her staff is also great and the one’s I remember are Ciana, Letty and Byron. Thanks again.
Susan, Pet Supplies Plus stands by their food and all other products. When there is a recall, they replace the food, no questions asked. I appreciate this. They also carry the best dog foods that are rated 4 and 5 stars.
Catherine, I LOVE this pet store! Everyone is so knowledgable! Their selection is great! And it’s easy to get into!
Suzanne, I have been to your store twice, and with both visits I had excellent service, the staff was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. The selection available is awesome. I have gone to using grainfree food and treats for my 2 dogs. Thank you!

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